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Ultra-limited Pin Colors!

(NOTE: Sales on ALL Jumpgate Pins are temporarily CLOSED.
Please know that the text below is for historic purposes ONLY.

Please visit my NEW website:


After the original pins were invented, my fellow B5 fans clamored for color versions.
So the Rarities Pins were born.
How many Pins are left? Check the Pinventory page!
Check the "Get Some Pins" link to the left for $$$ information on these and other Pins.
Check out a whole gallery of new Pin pics on Flickr.


THE "Magic Purple Green" Jumpgate.
Limited: only 25 pins.  
Color changes from green to purple depending on the angle of the light!

Only one left - get on bid list.

ALERT: A small number of "Magic Purple Green" Junior Pins
are now available for regular rates.
Contact Elana for more details!

Shadow" Jumpgate Pin.
Limited: only
15 pins.  
Color changes from blue
to purple depending on the angle of the light!

100% sold out.  I can't get this finish from the manufacturer anymore
as they have discontinued making it.  So I can no longer convert
existing larger Pins to Shadow Pins.
ALERT: A small number of "Shadow" Junior Pins are now available.
Contact Elana for more details!

We've got two new kinds of Purple/Green EARRINGS!
Take your choice:

Purple/Green Jumpgate POST Earrings

jumpgate post earrings

Purple/Green Jumpgate CLASP Earrings

jumpgate clasp earrings

These earrings are made from the "tie tack" sized <*> Pins.
They are $35 each, and EXTREMELY limited - but still available.

THE "Warrior's Blood Red " Jumpgate Pin.
Limited: only
30 pins.  

red pin

Only one left - get on bid list.

THE "STARRY" Jumpgate.
Limited: only 100 pins.  

Starry Jumpgate Pin

Unavailable as of November 2010.
See if you can get a "2010 Starry" instead! :-)

The New "2010 Starry " Jumpgate Pin.

2010 starry

This one sparkles in the sunlight. Click here for details!

No more full-size 2010 Starries are available
Ask about the lapel pin size.

"Station's Hull" BLUE

Blue Jumpgate Pin

Limited to 50 pins.
Only one left - get on bid list.

"White Star" White
White Jumpgate Pin

Limited to 25 pins.
Only one left - get on bid list.

"Council" GREY

Grey Jumpgate Pin
Only one left - get on bid list.

"GREEN! PURPLE!" (first version)

Purple/Green Jumpgate Pin

Unavailable - get on the waiting list in case more are found.



Email first to find out if this one's gone yet.

size comparison
Size comparison: Tie tack, Jr. Pin and Original.

"Bar Wars" Pin


Awhile back, some online fans of this one rather famous movie guy named G. Lucas commissioned several symbol pins of their own. They are fans of a very famous movie. You can take a guess as to what movie I am talking about. Since it rhymes with "bar wars" I might as well name it that. :)

I offer a friendly salute to all the lawyers who surround Mr. Lucas and his company. I am not interested in having any "bar wars" with them, though I would not mind buying them a beer if they just want to support my war against cancer. :)

NOTE: My jewelry supply place has run out of the very pretty crystal-looking acrylic boxes. The original manufacturer discontinued manufacturing that item, which is a bit of a shame. Because of this, I am shipping this Pin in a normal gold-foil box and taking 5 bucks off the price. It's now $30 rather than 35 dollars.

Since there is only 2 of these "bar wars" Pins left, email me to find out if these are sold out.

disaster pin

Sorry, I think the Shadows
got this one already! ;-)