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THE "ORIGINAL PIN": The One That Started It All

Original Jumpgate

This is the Pin that began the whole <*> legacy. Inspired by the early B5 fan community, approved by JMS, this was THE first piece of wearable art available EVER for sale in the history of the B5 fan universe.

You can own one of the Color Rarities, or an ultra-rare, ultra-expensive Golden Jumpgate, but it you want to own a true original bit of history, go for an Original Pin.

NEWSFLASH: This first Pin is now SO rare that you can only buy the  last one left under VERY special circumstances.  Click  here for details.

Check out a whole gallery of new Pin pics on Flickr.

The Junior Jumpgate <*> Lapel Pin

lapel pin

Think of it as an oversized tie tack - or a midget version of the Original <*> Pin. At any rate, the lapel pin is small, elegant, and as artfully made as the Original pin. The pin features a single-post military clutch fastener.

The Jumpgate "Tie Tack"

There are still a few Tie Tack Pins available.

What size are these First Pins?
Just take a look here. :)

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