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On October 11, 2000, a Starry Jumpgate Pin soared into orbit on a NASA space shuttle.

B5 fan and proud <*> pin owner Lisa Gray reports that she had an opportunity via a friend to send a chosen artifact to space via an astronaut friend. NASA rules state that it must be a small durable object under a certain size and weight and her Starry pin fit the bill perfectly.

See the certificate from NASA along with this magic, space faring Starry in a small or medium or enormous visual size.


The <*> pin exceeded my expectations in quality and craftsmanship. It is simple and elegant. I can wear it with anything, and I love the compliments that I get regarding it. (I just forget to pass them along.) I don't usually wear a lot of jewelry because of the environment I work in, but I make an exception for this piece.

Louise M. Kleba

The <*> pin is at least two inches long (about the size of a small name badge). I love it because it looks like a nice piece of jewelry - I can wear it with my business clothes or with formal attire and nobody suspects! It makes a good scarf clip/pin too. Goes nicely with gold earrings and accessories. Looks good both for men and women.

And only WE know it is the secret badge of online B5ers!

But then, I have little to worry about at work since both my supervisors wore Star Trek insignia pins to major meetings in the last two months. Got mine from Elana at Orycon

Wendy the Warped.....

(Wendy Bumgardner

I got it today -- in fact, I'm wearing it as I type this. (I'm glad I spent that $3 for the priority mail. :-) For some reason , my gif viewer wouldn't display the file from the web page, so I was ordering more-or-less blind; and I gotta say, I'm impressed. The diamond shape is visually striking, as is the gold-on-black texture.

The pin as a whole has a quality feel. Very nice!

David Goldfarb

Subject: Jumpgate Pins kick ass!!!
From: cdurie@fit.edu
Newsgroups: rec.arts.sf.tv.babylon5

Got my pin in the mail today. It was definitely worth the wait. Elana, Queen of All B5 Fandom, has done a great job with these pins. If you have not bought yours yet, I suggest you do immediately, because there are only 1,000 pins in this limited series. The order form and order info are on The Jumpgate Pin Web Page.

Out just in time for the holidays, they make GREAT gifts!

Greetings to you, Elana,

My <*> pin arrived last week. I love it! Excellent quality materials, tastefully understated design -- consider yourself well and truly complimented. Many thanks for going to the trouble to arrange this, I (for one) appreciate it. In the years to come, when everybody and his dog realise what a truly excellent show B5 is, we of the 1000 can display our pins and say "we knew it was great from the start!" 8-)

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, and may Kosh be with you.

Janice Wells

Subject: <*> - The Jumpgate Pin.
From: Tim Monaghan <tmonagha@mitre.org>
Newsgroups: rec.arts.sf.tv.babylon5

Just a quick note:considering that there is very little in the way of legal(or quality) B5 merchandise. This pin has been given the blessing of JMS. 'Nuff said.

The pin comes with a Certificate Of Authenticity (nice touch). The numbered certificate describes the creation of the pin. Get yours before they, like a Narn fleet after the Shadows come to visit, are just a memory.

Dear Elana:

I got back from Spain Saturday evening, I made it back to Kingston sunday afternoon, and I got my pin this morning. You even returned me $2 US, which was very nice, although now I have to figure out what to do with them, you disgustingly honest woman! :)

Jaime De Castellvi
Kingston, Ontario, Canada

From: 3cjmd@qlink.queensu.ca (De Castellvi Jaime M)
Newsgroups: rec.arts.sf.tv.babylon5
Subject: <*> Pin Kicks Stribe Butt!

I just got my <*> Pin from Elana, right upon my return. It looks great on a sweater. It's stylish and different. Best thing is only a select few (B5 fans) will recognize it on sight. In that sense, it is like a badge signalling your lurker &quot;status&quot; to other lurkers around :) Everybody else just has to ask, and I get to make funny faces to them when they do.

The only thing I look forward to more than wearing mine to my first B5 convention is the day when Ranger emblems will go on sale. I hear some Brit lurkers have already been whispering suggestions to that effect in the ears of the Templar Vorlon. Maybe in a year or so...

Jaime De Castellvi

From: mgooch@gil.com.au
Newsgroups: rec.arts.sf.tv.babylon5
Subject: Re: <*> Pin Kicks Stribe Butt!

De Castellvi Jaime M (3cjmd@qlink.queensu.ca) wrote:

> I just got my <*> Pin from Elana, right upon my return.

She is indeed a lovely lady and the pin is fantastic - mine arrived no trouble (and that's to Oz) beautifully packaged. Great Job. If you don't get in soon you'll be sorry.

Kindest Regards, Mick Gooch

Hi Elana,

I got my pin yesterday and it's beautiful. It's such a great symbol of the unique opportunity for information exchange with jms and also of the way WB has dragged it's feet over promoting the show, much like paramount did with Star Trek. Thanks for taking the time to do this. When I wear it, I'll be wearing it proudly.

Sincerely yours,
Kendall Lloyd

Subject: Jumpgate pins
From: Kendall Lloyd <kendall@nando.net>
Newsgroups: rec.arts.sf.tv.babylon5

I received my jumpgate pin yestreday and I just wanted to let anyone interested know that it is quite beautiful. It doesn't look handmade to me, but I'm no expert. I think it is a worthwhile investment, and I believe anyone who gets one will think so also. It is a great symbol of the unique interaction we have had with jms online, and also of the way WB has dragged it's feet promoting B5, kind of like paramount did with Star Trek. Anyway, I hope santa brings one for every B5 fan.


From: Karen Lee &lt;karenlee@ix.netcom.com

Subject: ASCII <*> Pin Arrival

As per your request, I am letting you know that I received the pin yesterday.

It is truly magnificent. I would have ordered ages ago but being fairly poor and the pin being fairly expensive I had to wait till the xmas of 95 dust had settled and bills paid off. Having the pin in my hand I now realize that the price tag is extremely reasonable considering the high quality of the object du art. And it is to me art! You truly are the Queen of B5. Unfortunately I have left rastb5 so I won't be able to post.

Feel free to keep my appraised of any future b5 designs etc...

Karen Lee

PS THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SENDING IT TO ME. And I did mean to shout 8)

Cheers, Karen


Hi there.

Just thought I'd drop you a note -- belatedly -- about the <*> pins. I gave them to two very good friends and they loved them. They wore them to a convention we were attending and it was great watching everyone with pins (there were about a dozen of them) comparing certificate numbers.

I'll be sending in a check for some small pins -- should have way back when -- but I forgot.

I'm also doing a little piece in this week's issue of The Zocalo on B5 merchandise and there's a prominent mention of your <*> Pins.

Hope this helps move them along for you. I really do love them.

Talk to you soon.

Sandy Bruckner

Hi Elana!

Just wanted to let you know that I was proudly sporting my <*> Pin at the recent Chicago Comicon. Had quite a few people recognize it, and ask about them, so your work is being noticed ;-)

Ran into a nice young woman by the name of Chris Raasch (sp?), who was also sporting a Pin at the B5 reception. I think we were the only two who had them there, so we had to keep correcting people that we were NOT the designers/makers of the pin. I think you should be getting a few more orders over the next couple of weeks. Everybody REALLY liked the job you did on them. Also ran into another woman, Janet ? (I think - Michael not so good with names. Numbers, yes, names, no.), local member of the B5 Promo Team, and who was sporting one of your Lapel Pins. THESE LOOK GREAT! Once I have actually managed to pay off this highly enjoyable, yet MUCH too expensive for my current job situation, vacation; I will have to order one from you.

Anyway, just a brief note to say thanks. Met a couple of interesting people because of your pin.


Michael J. Vasiliou

From: Liz Woolf <lizwoolf@garden.net>
Newsgroups: rec.arts.sf.tv.babylon5.moderated

Just want to throw in my $.02 here, and comment that I finally got to see one of these pins live and in person, and they are *beautiful*.

I think I really startled that person in the dealer's room at Shore Leave 18 when I suddenly shouted, "That's the jumpgate pin!!!!!!" But, she was nice enough to stop and let me look at it. See, it really does bring us die-hard B5 fans together!!!!

Well, gotta go order my pin. Keep up the good work, Elana!

Liz Woolf

A <*> story....!

I was attending a con all by myself earlier this year. I was, of course, wearing my <*> pin. A small group of people also wearing the <*> noticed my pin. We started talking about the pins, and B5. They asked me if I was alone, and then invited me to spend the day with them! So, the <*> is an ice-breaker, and a sort of secret code amongst online B5 fans! Also, every time I wear my <*> to a con, I always get several people asking me what it is!


I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how much I like the <*> pin. It's beautiful. I have worn it every day since in arrived in the mail. Sometimes I wear it as an earring and other times I wear it a a lapel pin. I have gotten so many compliments! Thank you!

Robbie Knefel

Subject: Jumpgate Pins
From: gronk10@aol.com
Newsgroups: alt.tv.babylon-5

Anyone out there who hasn't already ordered a<*> pin do it now.

The pins are ace and there is no problem in getting one shipped over here to the UK. I ordered one of the extremely limited edition Stainless Steel ones which arrived today and its great. The workmanship is very very good and the desgin is very sublime, only fellow B5 lurkers will have any idea what it means.

Seriously Elana the maker has gone to a lot of trouble with the pins and deserves some credit for the design and her initiatve. Being a fan of a show with such a ltd amount of merchandise is a pain so support the people who are trying to help, even JMS has one and approves so you won't be in bad company.

If you want more details check out the WWW site sorry i've not got the URL handy as AOL has F**ked up the bookmark facilty but you can e-mail elana@aracnet.com for the details.

Go on its worth it.

Simon <*>


I received my <*> pin a couple weeks ago, but have been swamped at school, so haven't got around to this email until Thanksgiving break.

In short, beautiful! The workmanship is excellent. Thanks a bunch!

Joan Redd


We received the <*> pin yesterday. It is fabulous!! You do great work. My wife put it on the vest she wears to the cons. Without even thinking about it she took off the Star Trek Communicator pin and put the <*> Pin over her heart. A changing of the guard, I guess!!!!

thanks again,

Bill Winkis

Hi, elana!

I would like to offer my belated praise of your <*> pins! I received mine (amazingly swiftly) right around Christmas. The best word I can think of to describe them is 'elegant'. I wear either one or the other very frequently, even at work where an SF-inspired button would be frowned upon. I've actually toyed with the idea of purchasing a second small pin, so that I could use two small ones for earrings, but I'm terrified that I'd lose one. In any case, if you definetely decide to go into production with the colored pins, I'll be in line to get 'em!

Sincerely, Sherry


Got my pin today! As Saturday is the day of B5, and in this case the day of "Into the Fire". Perfect timing!

As Mr. Vader might say, "It will be a day long remembered in by the Ben."

And btw, the pin is absolutely STUNNING. Better then I could have possibly envisioned! Thanks for making these wonderful pins!

Subject: Elana's Starry Pins
Newsgroups: rec.arts.sf.tv.babylon5.moderated

Endorsing products generally is not my wont. But for really good stuff, especially really good B5 stuff, I'll make exceptions. I am very impressed with the design and workmanship of Elana's limited-edition Starry Jumpgate pin. I received mine -- ahem, I mean the one I ordered for a gift -- yesterday and can't say enough good about it. If this sort of thing appeals to you, but you were wondering if the quality was deserving of your hard-earned money, I don't think you'll be disappointed. Elana tells me there are still some Starries available.


Disclaimer: I'm just a happy customer, without a vested interest.

Hello Elana,

I received my "warrior's blood" jumpgate pin, and the tie tack yesterday. They are fantastic. I can't believe how wonderful the tie tack came out. It is perfect to wear at my job, and I will certainly have it on when I attend my first convention next May. (Conspiracy of Light) The red pin will look great with my 'ranger' outfit I am trying to create. Thank you for making such a wonderful product. I will keep returning to your webpage and I hope to obtain more wonderful things from you in the future.

I also read your newsgroup post looking for funny uses of a jumpgate pin. I tried to think of some Babylon 5 related ones, to be honest I guess they are more 'cute' than funny. But hey, maybe you would like to use them for something;

I discovered the true answers behind the two most important questions on Babylon 5. "Who are you?" A very happy customer of Elana's. "What do you want?" More terrific jumpgate pins from Elana. I am sure Kosh would have a Jumpgate pin encounter suit if he could. The shadows would always return to Zha'ha'Elana's for another pin, and Lorien would have the 'first one.' If Elana every passed beyond the rim, we would mourn the loss of the wonder and the magic that is the jumpgate pin.

Jumpgate Pin...Our last, best hope for quality merchandise.

Okay two jokes;

"How many Vorlons does it take to put on a jumpgate pin?
None, it has always been on. Impudent."

"How many Shadows does it take to put on a jumpgate pin?
Again, none. They just get other races to put it on for them."

I am sure there are more in this vein, but I am getting tired :) and I just wanted to thank you for the pins I got from you. So thank you, pleasure doing business with you, and I look forward to doing business with you again in the future.

Sincerely, Jeff Howell