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Custom-made Pin Certificates

Let's talk Pin certificates! :-)

Each Pin comes with a certificate in your name or the name of the person to whom you are giving the pin to as a gift. The certificates each measure 2.888 inches by 2.328 inches (7.3 cm by 5.9 cm). They are made of fancy, marble-patterned paper.

Back in 1995 when I started this whole pin endeavor, I had individually-numbered certificates for every pin. My plan was to send a standard numbered certificate with every pin and not personalize it.

Since '95, I have moved four times. As anyone who has moved to a new place knows, SOMETHING always gets lost in the process. In my most recent move, what got lost included the master list of pin number counts. Was the last Original Pin I sold #443? Was the last Starry Pin I shipped #67? Who knows? The master list is history, so no one can know. I am not going to make up numbers out of the blue to write on the certificates just so that I can have pin sales - that would be dishonest.

What to do? To solve this problem, I decided to get creative.

Instead of numbered certificates, I have now do custom-made certificates individually for each person. It's more work, but feels worth it to make sure you get a quality product. :)

The new standard Pin certificate now says "This (insert type of pin) Jumpgate Pin has been especially prepared for _________ on this day of (date I got your order) by the original artist (my signature).

Here is an example of the new standard pin certificate:

blank pin cert

If you don't mention that you want anything different than this standard look, this is an example of what the certificate will look like that you will get with your pin.

If you ask me to, I will prepare a custom certificate with your name on it:

standard certificate

What if you want different text on your certificate? What if you decided that you wanted to be "World's Greatest Dad" for instance? Or "King Something the Third?" Maybe it's time to get a "Supreme Commander" Pin certificate.

Ask and ye shall receive. :-)

supreme commander certificate

What if you wanted to give a Pin to someone special? Maybe you would prefer to let them know. You can say "Here's to my best friend" or "To Mom from Your Daughter " - or even go as fancy as this:

drewablank certificate

OK, that IS a bit much, I admit - however you never know what some people could prefer.

What do YOU want?

Just let me know how you want your certificate done when your order your Pins , and we can go from there! :)