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Update from Elana's partner: On October 30, 2013, Elana very suddenly lost her several year long fight against cancer. Please visit her art site, www.AstronomyJewelry.com for details and memorial contact information. Immediate concerns are funds for the cremation and to keep the web hosting going. I can be reached through email at: memorial -at- astronomyJewelry -dot- com with any loving memories, anecdotes, stories, questions, etc. Please allow several days for a response.
Please do not leave blog comments, I don't yet know how to access them.
Please do not use or contact her online payment service at this time.
It will take a while to go through her belongings and papers to discover if any jumpgate pins remain. She may have already sold the last one. The remainder of this site is as she last updated it:

The Famous B5 Jumpgate Pin

"Original" Jumpgate Pin

NOTE:  A few last, stray Pins are left, but not nearly enough
to justify saying anymore that they are for sale.

This site will soon become a "History of the <*> Pins"
website.  I am leaving the basic design as it is
so people can know what was here.

Visit my NEW SITE!

And now... back to the original website as it
had been originally written and designed - just for posterity.  :)

Own a piece of true B5 history with these elegant Jumpgate Pins! These Pins have the honor of being THE first B5 merchandise ever offered to fans of the show. They have been approved by J. Michael Stracynski himself, who owns THE first <*> Pin.

Unlike anything marketed by any large, faceless corporation, you are getting these pins from THE original artist. This makes this the most unique, meaningful gift you can ever give to anyone who loves the show. Learn more about the history of the Pins

Jumpgate Pins are lovingly crafted from genuine high-quality brass, then professionally electroplated to create the midnight black effect on its recessed background. A delicate lacquer finish is then carefully applied to protect the metal.

Each individual Pin comes in a gold jewelry box. A special Certificate Of Authenticity nestles inside the box with the Pin. Each little certificate comes personalized with your name (or your choice of names) and hand-signed by the original artist. Find out more.

Your Pin $$
Will Directly Help a
Stage 4 Breast Cancer Patient

In June 2007, your pin artist was diagnosed with breast cancer. I was treated in Portland, Oregon just before I moved to Southern Nevada. Now, two years later, the cancer is back and has spread to the liver. I am at Stage 4. There is no Stage 5. The tumor was showing some signs of being under control as of last winter, and with your help, it could stay that way.

I am being treated at Comprehensive Cancer Centers of Nevada. I will give permission to their resident social worker to talk to anyone out there who needs to verify my story.

I can give you beautiful Pins and you can help improve my chances at life. I call that an even trade and I thank you for your help. 

The science fiction fan community should all be proud of each other for their tremendous, amazing outpouring of support right when I really needed it. Thank you all!  Read the whole story!  :)

I still have many challenges.  Spread the word about the Jumpgate Pins, my friends, so that I may not just survive, but thrive!  Thank you all in advance.

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